Sunday, 8 May 2011

Happy Mothers' Day!

  Today, some Christian Denominations in many countries of the world celebrate Mothers’ Day.
Mothers’ Day is a great occasion every year, as we remember the worth and tremendous contributions of women and motherhood to mankind. Also noteworthy, is the pride and dedication with which most women commit to the responsibility of caring for, and nurturing their offspring to adulthood and throughout life as the case may be.
What about some women who have inherited the care and nurture of children less privileged to be with their own mothers? What a sacrifice!

Oh! That every mother may be privileged to live to reap the rewards of their long dedicated, and, selfless- sacrifice of love and care-just like the Middleton’s.

No doubt, there are some mothers who have experienced the tragedy of losing a child so much loved, (some lose babies even before they are born), thus having their every hope dashed about the child. For such mothers this period becomes a particularly difficult one. Words may not be enough to comfort or console. May the Almighty God who knows the depth of such hurt, ache, grief or, sorrow, soothe, heal, and help to find cheer even on this day. Amen

There are also women, who have been aspiring to achieve status as mothers of own children, who are yet to be fulfilled. May they find hope this day in the joy of others, so that together, we celebrate God's gift of motherhood. So there is no withholding.

This is a day to remember and appreciate all mothers, women and womanhood, and give God all the Glory. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!


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